RoMedic ReTurn


7400 – 150Kg SWL (Paediatric)

The ReTurn is easy to use, and effective assistive device used to enable safe sit-to-stand and transfers to or from bed, wheelchair and toilet and as a rehabilitation device. The ReTurn can also be used to facilitate repositioning further back in a chair or wheelchair. Intended for users who retain some degree of strength, it stimulates the natural pattern of movement during sit-to-stand while strengthening the muscles and functional ability.




  • Versatile and easy to use: Carer can safely and efficiently assist user during sit-to-stand or repositioning
  • Easy to manouevre: Unique patented design rolls, turns and pivots smoothly and easily on all surfaces
  • Stable, secure base plate: Low centre of gravity, broad underlying support surface with wheels at all corners
  • Rising ladder allows space for natural movement: Allows different possibilities for grasping the ladder


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